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Sinochem Nanjing center has a research and development team composed of returnees, doctors, master engineers and technicians in the fields of organic chemical synthesis and analysis, with rich practical experience in factory production. In addition, the center is equipped with the most advanced detection instruments, equipment and experimental devices, including nuclear magnetic resonance, high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and kilogram-scale reactors. The center has a modern pilot test base located in the suburbs of Changzhou and many cooperative factories across the country, with comprehensive capabilities.

With the goal of accelerating Sinochem Nanjing's strategic transformation and supporting its core business, the R&D Center has made great progress in custom synthesis and new product development by closely combining customer needs and market demands. At the same time, the center actively promotes contact and cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign chemical and pharmaceutical companies. In addition, it strengthens ties with well-known universities and research institutions, and fosters a culture of technology exchange and resource sharing for mutual growth and innovation.