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About Sinochem Nanjing

Quality Assurance

Our Corporation always attaches importance to the quality management system and follows the quality of our commodities and our services with great interest so that our customers will be always supplied with high quality commodities and services by us.

On 24-25th June 1999, the ISO9002:1994 quality management system of our Corporation was successfully accredited by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services Limited for the first time on the spot, and we acquired the Certificate of ISO9002:1994 quality management system issued by SGS Yarsley on 20th July 1999.

On 14-45th January, our ISO9001:2000 quality management system was successfully audited by SGS Systems and Services Certification again, and our Corporation obtained the certificate of ISO9001:2000 issued by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. Systems & Services Certification on 8th April 2003.

On 19th April 2006, SGS Systems & Services Certification audited our quality management system at the expiration of the Certificate on the basis of renewal. Our Corporation has get new Certificate by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. Systems & Services Certification.